Friday, 1 October 2010

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Hi ladies,

Other than 'tudung' or typical head scarf, shawl is the alternative for you to cover your aurah. Some still wonder on how to wear shawl. To answer your quiries, let us share with you steps in wearing shawl.  There are 5 steps all together and those were arranged in sequence.

Check it Out~

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5


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Friday, 24 September 2010

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Do's & Dont's

Made special for u future mother, we found this interesting facts as your guideline.


1. Make every bite count

It takes about 55,000 extra calories to make a healthy baby. That might seem like a lot, but it’s only 300 extra calories a day (the equivalent of a glass of low-fat milk, a slice of bread and an apple), and that’s only in the last two trimesters. Calorie needs don’t budge an inch in the first trimester when your baby grows no longer than a green bean. Your vitamin and mineral needs, however, have skyrocketed. For example, folic acid, the B vitamin that helps prevent birth defects, is more important than ever. That means: 1) Focus on “real” foods — colorful fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nonfat milk; 2) Little room for extra chocolate cake; and 3) Take a moderate-dose multivitamin AND mineral that contains at least 400mcg of folic acid to cover your bases on the days when you don’t eat perfectly.

2. Consume ample calcium-rich foods

As most people know, calcium helps build bones in the baby and prevent bone loss in the mom. Calcium also helps prevent pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and is important for normal functioning of nerves and muscles.
The pregnant mom needs 3 or more glasses of low-fat or nonfat milk or fortified soymilk every day before, during, and after pregnancy if she plans to nurse her little one. You can cook your rice or oatmeal in milk instead of water to sneak more calcium into your diet. Also, look for non-conventional sources of calcium, such as foods fortified with calcium. Aim for at least 1,000mg a day.


3. Follow fad diets, like a low-carb diet

This is not the time to experiment with unbalanced diets. You need 40+ nutrients in the proper proportion to build a healthy baby today and in the future. The developing baby is much more sensitive to the mother’s nutritional status than previously thought, and some health consequences don’t show up until much later in life. So skip the low-carb or food-combining diets and stick to tried-and-true healthy eating.

We already stated some of the info. Thanks to
Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D., who is the author of “Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy.”
Feel free to visit for more.

Pregnant & Diet...

This time we are going to share few tips on diet during pregnancy.

EVERYDAY... do have one to two servings of lean protein, which includes foods like chicken, beef, lamb, fish and seafood.

BE AWARE... that some forms of seafood – particularly fish that may contain mercury and sushi – aren’t safe during pregnancy.

ONE or TWO.... servings of fresh green leafy vegetables should also be included every day. Vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, spinach, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens and collard greens all fit into this category.

FIVE... servings of whole grains each day. Whole grain products not only provide a number of vitamins and minerals, they’re also a good source of fiber.

EACH DAY...  Include at least one serving of fruit that’s rich in Vitamin C in your diet. This could be an orange or grapefruit, or a serving of tomato. This can be in juice form, although the whole fruit is preferable, as you’ll get more fiber and nutrients this way.

TWO EGGS... in your diet every day. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and contain many vitamins and minerals that benefit your body, including a healthy form of cholesterol that will help your baby's brain develop.

The information was retrieved from Fell free to visit for more details.

Stay beauty

Here are few tips for future mother to remain beauty along their pregnanship.

1.  In the first few months of pregnancy, you'll be able to wear your usual clothes. Select tops that have a bit of stretch in them and wear your jackets and cardigans open.

2. As your bump begins to develop, and consequently you find that your usual clothes are getting tighter, an easy solution is to choose lycra or maternity tops. These will look smart for work worn under a jacket.  For casual wear, try tops in soft fabrics that are fitted over the bust and flow over the stomach.

3.  A dress is a maternity must have. A wrap dress will drape in all the right places and can be worn for the office or provide a backdrop for glamorous accessories for a special occasion or that Christmas party which is looming!

4. Once a hair band or safety pin holding up your jeans & trousers will no longer suffice, invest in a quality pair of maternity jeans/trousers. Many of these have a wonderful hidden elastic panel to allow wear throughout your pregnancy. Be sure to avoid drawstrings waists!

5.  A trip to a reputable lingerie shop for a fitting is essential every 5-6 weeks. Your bust will be changing size and you must ensure you are fitted with the correct underwear.

6. No matter what stage you are at, colour is a fantastic way to give yourself a boost.  By simply wearing the right colours, you will glow.  This is particularly important now if you are suffering from morning sickness or tiredness and will also be a useful tip during those initial days when sleep is lacking following the arrival of your baby.

 It is amazing: not only will you look brighter, but wearing the right colours will make you feel brighter too.  If black is a staple in your pregnancy wardrobe, use accessories, shoes, handbags, and jewellery to bring in colour to your outfits.....after all you'll still be able to wear them when the baby arrives.  

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Pregnancy and Fashion

Who says, you can’t be fashionable when you are pregnant?

Well, you will be surprised to know that pregnant ladies have more fashionable options than non-pregnant ladies.

It’s true that an important aspect to consider in pregnancy for pregnant women is to hide their growing tummy. Pregnant ladies often struggle to find the right clothes for their expanding shape. Thus, many fashion designers have come up with designer maternity clothes and tips.

A useful fashion tip for pregnant ladies is to choose well sweat absorptive fabric, because a pregnant woman feels warm and sweaty. Avoid wearing bad quality fabrics during maternity time, else you will find yourself allergic to it. Also, avoid wearing clothes that put pressure on your belly area in pregnancy.

Another fashion tip for pregnant ladies is to wear the right sized bra that actually supports the growing bust. Try to show off your growing curves gently in whatever you choose to wear with style in pregnancy.
Many pregnant ladies make the mistake of not accepting their shape in pregnancy, so be positive and accept the growing change happily and you will comfortable in whatever you will wear during this phase.

Fashion tips for apple-shaped women (heavy on the top):

  • Avoid tops with a lot of detailing and ruffling or rouching. Keep it simple and clean with soft flowing fabrics.
  • Do not wear very tight or clingy synthetic tops that enhance your problematic areas.
  • Go for light colors for you lowers and wear darker shades on top.
  • Use detailing, pleating, etc on your skirt or pant to attract attention there.
  • V-necks will make your bosoms look smaller.
  • Wear a wrap top to cover your stomach. Using layering in the same color and fabric here will have a slimming effect.
  • Under no circumstances wear anything shoulder padded. Wear thin and light materials on top only.


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